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Pure Air System

Three powerful air purifiers

The PureAir System reduces concentrations of of pollutants through a process called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) that combines three of nature's most powerful air purifiers:
  • Ultraviolet light (UVA)
  • Titanium dioxide catalyst, a nontoxic substance found in everyday household products
  • . Hydroxyl radicals, formed through the chemical reaction of the catalyst and water vapor in the air, destroy organic compounds

Three fast effective steps

The PCO process involves three steps:
    1) The Precision Pleat MERV'l6,5" filter captures particles and bioaerosols as small as .01 micron, removing them from the airstream-contaminants that standard filtration systems simply can't stop.
    2) As the odor- and chemical vapor-filled airstream flows over the ultraviolet lamps,t the airstream is exposed to the catalytic su rface (titanium dioxide-coated metal f i lter).
    3) The light energy and water vapor in the air activate the titanium dioxide catalyst, which generates hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals attack the carbon components of the odors and chemical vapors, breaking them down into carbon dioxide and water.

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